Warehouse and Logistics Automation Solutions

Piyarobotech’s Parcel/Item Sorter machine automates package sorting for efficient logistics, minimizing errors and enhancing processing speed. Designed for Digikala, it swiftly handles a diverse range of packages. The Warehouse Processing System, integrating advanced conveyors and robotics, sets new standards in warehouse efficiency, redefining logistics benchmarks.

Parcel/Item Sorting Solutions:
Piyarobotech’s Parcel Sorter machine revolutionizes order processing and logistics, replacing manual sorting with automated precision. A sample designed and manufactured with the capacity of 380,000 parcel/day, it efficiently categorizes packages based on destinations, significantly reducing processing times and minimizing errors. With commendable operational capacity, it handles a diverse range of packages during peak demand, contributing to cost savings. The modular design ensures scalability, making it a pioneering solution that enhances accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness in logistics operations.

Warehouse Processing System:
Unleash the future of warehouse efficiency with our state-of-the-art Warehouse Processing System. Tailored for seamless integration into your logistics ecosystem, our system features cutting-edge conveyors and robotic solutions designed to effortlessly transfer baskets. Experience precision and speed as our technology optimizes your warehouse operations, ensuring a streamlined and agile workflow. With our Warehouse Processing System, we redefine the standards of logistics, providing innovative solutions to elevate your business to new heights.