RHA Welding Robotic Cell

The RHA Robo Welding cell ensures efficient, error-free metal fabrication, reducing total production time and providing reliable, consistent, and predictable manufacturing outcomes.

RHA Robo Welding cell operates based on Metal inert gas welding which is one of the most used arc welding processes for metal fabrication. Its speed, ability to weld both thin and thick metals, and ease of automation are some of the reasons it is so popular.
Deploying our welding robot cell will result in less total time converting raw materials into finished products. Automating welding removes humans from the process preventing the chance for human errors to occur. In addition, welding robots are extremely accurate and fast. This results in less wasted materials and consumables. Our robotic total solution can precisely weld every metal workpiece with no deviation from the programmed path. Filler wire is used efficiently, and welds are accurate with no mistakes.

RHA Robo Welding cell can operate for long hours without any breaks. They move from part to part immediately without hesitation or distractions causing delays.
There is no need to redesign production lines as switching from a manual MIG application to a robotic one causes very little interruption. Implementing our welding cell is a straightforward process that will have your robotic application running in no time.

Our product results in reliable manufacturing. Weld quality, productivity, cycle times, and materials used all become consistent and predictable through welding automation. This makes it easier for manufacturers to plan their operations and set budgets.